Local Bakery Requests Healthy Product Line

I’ve been asked by the local bakeshop where I did my culinary externship to assist them in producing a new healthy product line.  YAY!!!  My first professional assignment 🙂

I’ve decided to go with low cal, low fat and hopefully low sugar recipes.  I want to make three products.  My first ideas were carrot cake, fudge brownies and a fig bar.  I started by looking at recipes I already had, recipes on the web and by asking my friend Amber (who’s husband is diabetic) what she does to convert recipes.  By far, Amber’s advice was the most useful.  Greatest advice – replace fats with fat-free Greek yogurt!  It’s worked great in all the recipes I’ve tried.

For low sugar products, I’ve been researching GIs and GLs and sugar substitutes (yuck!).  I’ll write more on all that later, but I don’t suggest you start investigating this unless you’ve got some time on your hands and are willing to shuffle through the facts and fictions on the web.

See my posts for product development:

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