Product Innovation: My Beginnings

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a probable case of Celiac Disease.  I say probable because although my blood tests showed no signs of the disease, a biopsy of my small intestine showed damage to the villi, which for most people is conclusive of Celiac Disease.  I had been sick for months and losing weight so my GI doctor suggested a gluten-free diet saying, “you can Google that right?”.  So with not much more than Google and key words like Celiac and gluten-free I started my venture into a gluten-free diet.  Eating gluten-free slowly but surely took away my GI issues and I started to feel better.  With the threat of living in a bathroom for the rest of my life, I threw myself into the dry, flavorless, and utterly disgusting world of gluten-free foods.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to make my own bread and baked goods if I was going to have any hope of sticking to the diet.  I started to buy cookbooks, a bread maker and attended local seminars on eating and staying gluten-free.  I won’t get into the long story now, but let’s just say 3 years, culinary school, and hundreds of baked goods later, I’m still researching.

In the middle of my venture, a miracle happened.  In 2011 when I decided to under go some additional testing, my inconclusive Celiac diagnosis was concluded as inaccurate.  That’s right.  I have no disease and no need to eat gluten-free.  It is fairly evident that what I did have was some form of food-born illness that rendered me extremely sick, took on signs of Celiac disease, and only through a gluten-free diet were my intestines able to heal.

I now eat and bake with gluten containing ingredients, but I’m not letting my food knowledge go to waste.  Many people, including many of my friends and family still need to eat restricted diets.  In fact, I choose to lead a mostly dairy-free life and my stomach thanks me everyday.   My kitchen experiments have turned from a necessity into a creative outlet.  My goal is to help friends and family convert their favorite recipes into gluten-free and allergen-free baked goodies.  I also hope to make a living by providing delicious and cost-effective recipes to bakeries and food manufacturers.

This blog, started in January 2013, is to share my kitchen success and failures and hopefully learn something along the way.  Thanks for reading!



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